Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Week 2 reflection'#edcmooc'

1. A Day Made of Glass         2. Design a Bridge

Education is being visualized as being electronically-based. The classroom still exists but it's high-tech & visually arresting.

What is being learned & taught? How to use technology, to learn, to explore, to discover and to solve.

The nature of communication is a mixture of the personal & the digital/electronic. As such, it seems to be utopian to me because it's not portrayed as inhuman, impersonal or alienating but as empowering and involving. The emphasis in both films is on learning by doing.

3. A Digital Tomorrow

Our digital futures? Similar to our digital present, in terms of frustrations with and limitations of technology. Overall, more high-tech.

4. Sight

The ending was ambivalent to me but, with the staring eyes, slightly unnerving. The idea that you maximize, electronically, info about your date before actually meeting seems unnatural to me.

5. Different future scenarios.

a)   Social media is fiction. Hive mind/artificial intelligence. Smart or stupid?

b)   Privacy apocalypse. We'll all be spied on. Ubiquitous advertising will invade our lives.

c)   Mind control. We'll do whatever large corporations dictate. Viruses might even invade our brains.

d)   Instant social revolution. Max Headroom. Transmetropolitan. You ( and those in power) can't stop the signal. This ties in with what I'll say in my artefact re. social transformation.

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